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The NHET-Sim programme is a nationwide training programme for healthcare professionals and their educators aimed at improving clinical training capacity. NHET-Sim is designed for anyone who currently or intends to use simulation as an educational method to support the development of healthcare students and professionals. The programme consists of online modules and in person workshops on simulation-based education and has been developed and reviewed by leaders in the simulation field across Australia and internationally.

The NHET-Sim programme has recommenced workshops.

Upcoming workshops have been announced in Victoria and Queensland, with more being added regularly.

If you are interested in general information regarding workshops then please follow this link.

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February 2017

New resources available – Debrief2Learn

In 2016, Adam Cheng and several colleagues launched the website www.debrief2learn.org, focusing on making debriefing and feedback resources accessible to clinical and simulation educators.

Debrief2Learn has now launched the “Coffee Talk” Series of Podcasts – where world experts in simulation, debriefing and feedback provide their thoughts on hot topics.  The first podcast is a wonderful discussion featuring Walter Eppich (a faculty friend of NHET-Sim) and Michaela Kolbe – who discuss the benefits and challenges of blended-method debriefing for healthcare simulation education.


The NHET-Sim Facebook group will notify you when new materials are posted. So please join our group at @nhetsim and be kept informed of new resources, simulation activities and what’s happening in the NHET-Sim Programme.



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